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For this reason we ask the group Group Administrators remaining after the deadline to liaise with other assessors and give them access to the group as follows:

  1. Ensure other assessors have logged into MyPortfolio at least once, even if very briefly. That way their accounts are created and can be added.
  2. From the group's front page, somebody with a group Administrator role selects the link to Members (e.g. on the group's menu bar); the Members page displays.
  3. If the group was set up as Controlled (and if not, skip down a few points to 'If the group wasn't set up to be Controlled) then the Administrator has the option to Add Many Users At Once (see screenshot) - click this link; the Add Members page displays.
  4. Use Type the name (not the user ID) in the Search box to identify members (n.b. as above and note that they need to have logged into MyPortfolio at least once before.
  5. Click their names and add them from the Potential Members column to the Users To Be Added column.
  6. When you are ready, click Submit.
  7. If the group wasn't set up as Controlled, then the Group Administrator will not be able to add members in this way, and instead needs to invite the assessors either via . Instead, click Send Multiple Invitations (see screenshot) , in the same way and proceed as outlined above , but without the immediate results (the assessor will (for Add Many Users At Once). The assessor will then need to accept the invitation to join the group.