The following pages summarise the software used for CLOSER's metadata and data enhancement programme. It also describes some of the reasons behind the decisions made in the project which might help inform people making similar choices later. None of these software are required to produce DDI Lifecycle compliant metadata or even the CLOSER implementation of DDI Lifecycle (i.e. the particular elements in use).

Part of the scope for CLOSER was that it should not be a major software development project. Neither the timetable nor the budget allowed this. Therefore, where possible, off-the-shelf products were acquired. Changes to these products were minimal with the exception of Colectica Portal. The changes have largely been included in the release version of Colectica Portal. Ensuring we do not deviate from the core version will help ensure the product remains supported and updated over time as both the product and DDI Lifecycle evolve, and so was an important consideration.

DDI Lifecycle software is a niche area and only a limited number of companies are producing software in this area. Of those, only these two had updated their software to be 3.2 compliant in a time frame the project required. All of the products come from just two companies - Colectica and Metadata Technology North America.

Where off-the-shelf products were not available or considered sub-optimal, some in-house production took place. The key example of this is the software which is used to enter the instruments into DDI 3.2 standard. CADDIES software was originally designed and was used up until June 2016. It was designed to be much more efficient for the large-scale entry that CLOSER is undertaking. Archivist has since developed to further improve efficiencies.