Variable Source

A description of the type of instrument being used.

1Questionnairee.g. CAPI, CATI, mailed self-completion, etc.
2Clinical protocole.g., spirometer, blood pressure monitor
3Cognitive teste.g., recall, memory, recognition
4Educational teste.g., British Ability Scales
5Physical teste.g., timed walk
6Diarye.g., food diary, expenditure diary
7Event history calendarSee
8Qualitative protocole.g., interview transcripts
9Linked datae.g., administrative records, Census, enviroment data, external data (i.e., not collected as part of the study), usually linked via respondent's geography or NINO. Do not confuse with linked data (RDF).
10Spatial datae.g., marker of location, may include altitude
11Device/appe.g., GPS positioning, pedometer