Mapper (obsolete)

Note that Mapper has been superseded by Archivist

Used for:

Linking questions and variables
Linking topics to questions and variables


Built in house by CLOSER. Unsupported open source

Mapper was built using Ruby-on-Rails as a part of the CLOSER project work. It is a web application and users from throughout the CLOSER consortium have access. After early attempts to complete the linking processes using Excel, it became apparent that this would be increasingly unwieldy as the number of items grew. The Excel process had, however, allowed iteration to overcome a number of issues and so Mapper was relatively easy to construct.

Useful files that mapper outputs and the URLs to find them with:


  • mapping.txt. Mapping file that joins questions and variables (listing all variables and derived variables).
  • dv.txt. Mapping file that joins derived variables to variables.
  • topic-q.txt. Mapping file that joins topics and questions
  • topic-v.txt. Mapping file that joins topics and variables
  • variables.txt. List of all variables with name, label and type
  • mapper.txt. The original import file from Archivist