Light Microscopy Facility

MRC Laboratory for Molecular Cell Biology

The importance of light microscopy to cell biology, developmental biology and other areas of biological sciences has increased greatly since the development of confocal microscopy and green fluorescent protein provided scientists with the ability to image live specimens in 3D over time. High resolution 4D and functional imaging now means that light microscopes and the technologies associated with them are much more complex than the simple compound microscopes that can be found in teaching  and tissue culture laboratories. The Light Microscopy Facility exists to provide scientists in the LMCB and UCL with access to advanced microscope capabilities together with training and one-to-one help on the microscopes, software and associated techniques and technologies in the unit. The Facility is also open to collaborations on projects requiring expertise in advanced imaging.

Charge for access

The LMCB Light Microscopy Facility has to recover its costs so you must include the charge for access to the facility in any funding application. The facility manager will be able to help you estimate how much funding is required based on the hourly charge and an assessment of the total number of hours needed. All TRAC and Multi-user/PI lead facility charge rates are published on the UCL Research Facilities page. You can contact the facility manager for advice and information about the hourly charge rates as soon as you begin applying for funding.

Facility staff members



key responsibilitiesroom


Andrew Vaughan

Facility Manager

Timelapse microscopes, super-resolution and spinning discMRC Building 1.13


John Gallagher

Light Microscopy Officer

Leica confocals/STED and widefield microscopesMRC Building G.13


Ki HngLight Microscopy microscopes, Olympus confocalMRC Building 3.0437916