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Lecturecast facilitates the scheduling and recording of lectures across various UCL lecture rooms and the subsequent publication/sharing of the lectures  via linked Moodle courses. The service also allows staff to upload and share recordings made using either Echo360's Universal Capture Personal software, PowerPoint or any other recording software capable of producing formats acceptable to the platform - typically MP4.

The training guides listed contain step-by-step instructions to assist you in scheduling or otherwise creating lecture recordings and making these available on your Moodle courses.

A student guide is also available.

At UCL the terms Lecturecast and Echo360 are often used synonymously. Echo360 are the company who provide the software and infrastructure that comprise cloud storage, content management and interactive educational tools while UCL provide staff and student enrolment integration as well as integrations with UCL's timetabling (CMIS) to allow scheduling.

Some commonly used terms have a specific meaning within the context of the Lecturecast service, the table below defines those that most often cause confusion.

CourseA registered portico Module eg CHEM0001 or ECON0021
SectionAn instance of a Course in a given academic year eg CHEM0001_20-21 typically linked to the Moodle course for the same module in the same academic year.

A subdivision of a Section that can hold a single recording and presentation or a single piece of interactive media
Where recordings are scheduled online for live teaching events, classes are automatically created by the system. For other recordings classes are created manually

TermThe Lecturecast service does not differentiate between terms but combines them; where the word 'Term' is found it refers to an academic year.
InstructorA role within Lecturecast section similar to the Tutor role within Moodle. Instructors have the rights to edit and make available/unavailable section content. Within a section they can also create new classes and also create collections ( a number of classes collected under specific headings usually to make a section more clearly navigable).

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