Embedding Polls into video

The Lecturecast service allows the embedding of polls into any recording, this has the effect of creating 'pause for thought' moments within a recording and also facilitates the gathering of information about student's understanding. Students may not continue viewing until they have responded. Any response will allow the respondent to continue viewing i.e. polls are not gates who's key is the 'correct' answer.

The embedding of polls into a recording creates a new media type called 'interactive media'. Interactive media are different from recordings and presentations. Please read the points below carefully to avoid confusion.

Key points to note are:

Interactive media can be published into a Echo360 section or embedded directly into Moodle using the Echo360 plug-in available in Moodle's text editor. The tool, highlighted in the image below, gives access to a user's Echo360 personal library where their interactive media are stored. Note this tool is only available in Moodle's default Atto text editor if a user has changed their editor preference in their Moodle profile, they won't see the tool and will have to (temporarily) change their editor preference in order to proceed.

Moodle's Atto editor with Echo360 tool highlighted

Interactive media are created by embedding polls into existing recordings, when this is done a copy of the recording with embedded polls is created.  This new piece of interactive media has the same name as the recording it's based on. Changing its name will prevent confusion when trying to embed the media in Moodle - it's easy to confuse two identically named objects. Another way to prevent confusion is to filter by interactive media type in the embed dialogue box.

Polling responses for interactive media are not found under the analytics tab in a section but can be accessed via the 'Details' page for the media found by clicking on a particular piece of interactive media in a user's Echo360 library and then clicking the 'Polling' tab.

Details page of echo media showing polling tab

More details around the creation and use of interactive media can be found at: