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Please see our latest Moodle Accessibility Statement for UCL Moodle 4.2. This page will be updated as known issues are resolved. Guidance on assistive technologies and support with access to Moodle for staff and students can also be found in this statement. See also our mini guide on Blackboard Ally for advice on accessing alternative formats.

The Digital Education Team at UCL curates a range of Moodle guides. For a wider perspective, visit the official Moodle guides.
Keep up with the latest Moodle features on the 'Release Notes' page.

For information about other digital education tools we support, check out the Digital Education website. If you need help or can't find what you need, get in touch via our contact page.

Self-paced Courses

The 'Getting Started with Moodle' course has been updated in light of the Moodle 4.2 upgrade. Additionally, we are pleased to introduce the 'Getting Started with Lecturecast (Echo360)' course.

These two self-paced courses cover the basics of using Moodle and Lecturecast (Echo360). They are aimed at UCL staff who are new to Moodle and Lecturecast as well as those wishing to brush up on their knowledge.

Moodle upgrade to Moodle 4.2

We have scheduled the much-anticipated upgrade to Moodle 4 for Thursday, 27th July 2023.

  • Once the upgrade is complete, you will be able to log back in and explore the new-look  Moodle. Take some time to navigate the upgraded system and familiarise yourself with its new functionalities.
  • The self-paced course ‘ Moving to Moodle 4.2 ‘ is available to guide you through the transition. We highly recommend going through this course if you need help adjusting to the new system.
  • You can still visit our Moodle 4.2 Demo.Preview Test Instance resources.
  • Support wiki pages for students and staff will progressively be updated to Moodle version 4 from Wednesday 26th July through to the day of the upgrade on Thursday 27th July.

Moodle Development Roadmap

We're working to make our Moodle development plans and progress more transparent and engaging. The Moodle Roadmap displays our development plan for the next 12 months, including security releases, platform updates, and end-user feature enhancements. This living document provides an active view of our internal roadmap and is updated weekly by the Moodle Service Owner.

View Roadmap

Exams in Moodle

Running an exam in Moodle?

Please consult the  M12a - Moodle Quiz for invigilated online exams  guidance and make sure to notify the Digital Education by completing the  Exam Notification Form .


Guides grouped by function

Courses - how to set up your courses

Editing text and embedding content - how to use the text editor
Activities - how to involve students actively in their learning

Blocks - how to add extra items and information to the sides of your course page.

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 Questions - how to create questions for use in quizzes and Moodle's lesson module

Course enrolment - how to give students access to your course.
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Grouping users - how to put students into groups and why this is useful.

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Grades - how to use the gradebook, scales and advanced grading methods.
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Tracking progress - how to control and display progress through a course.

Reusing activities - how to copy or recycle elements of your course.
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Personalising Moodle

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UCL Baseline

Guides grouped by level

All Moodle spaces should meet the UCL E-Learning Baseline .

UCL Baseline 

These guides will help you meet the Baseline:

Do consider also the Accessibility of your Moodle course(s).

UCL Baseline+

In addition to the Baseline, wholly online courses will need to reference:

Beyond the Baseline

To move beyond the baseline (and baseline+) you can consider the following:

Known Issues

Check the  Moodle Known Issues page  for current issues and workaround.

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Recent updates

See the latest updates to our guides

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