M52 - MyFeedback report

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What is it?

MyFeedback is a single-view report that enables different staff and student roles to view a report of grades and feedback recorded in Moodle, across courses. The report includes Moodle Assignments, Turnitin Assignments, Workshops and Quizzes.

The report provides links to submissions and any feedback that has been released to students.

Watch the video on how students can use the MyFeedback report.

Why use it?

The report helps students (supported by their personal tutors) to better understand the variety of feedback they receive, draw ties between different assessments and courses, and allow them to reflect on their feedback to see how they can improve in future assessments. It also allows Tutors to see how their students are progressing within the courses they teach.

Who can use it?

MyFeedback is available to students, personal tutors, course tutors and departmental administrators.

  • Students can view feedback and grades from their assessments across all their UCL Moodle courses. Student help documentation is available from: MyFeedback for students
  • Personal Tutors can see their tutees' full MyFeedback reports across all the courses their students are studying. Note: personal tutors will not be able to link through to assessments on courses they do not have tutor access to.
  • Course Tutors and Assessors can see MyFeedback reports for their students containing assessment information for any courses they teach and/or assess. They will not see any assessments for courses they do not teach (unless they have been granted tutor access to those Moodle courses).
  • Departmental Administrators can see MyFeedback reports for all the Moodle courses within categories where they have been assigned departmental administrator access in Moodle. Categories in Moodle will either be for the entire department or might be broken down further into undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Staff requiring this access will need to ask their department's current category level course administrator to assign them this role.

Before I start...

To make the most of MyFeedback, markers need to use Moodle in ways that make the information visible within the report. Many of these suggestions also make assessment feedback more visible to students generally. Please refer to the MyFeedback guide for Course Tutors and Assessors for further information on how markers can provide feedback that is visible within the report and easily viewed by students.

How do I access and use the report?

You can navigate to your own MyFeedback report via the MyFeedback block on your Moodle home page.

If you are both a tutor and a student, you can view the MyFeedback report for students you teach or tutor, as well as your own report.

The following help guides are available depending on your role:

Further help

Further guidance on how users access the MyFeedback report is available from Moodle Docs.

If you find any inaccurate or missing information you can even update this yourself (it's a communal wiki).

If you have a specific question about the tool please contact the Digital Education team.


Personal tutors will not be able to link through to see detailed information about assessments (including in-line feedback) on courses they do not have tutor access to.

Course tutors will not see any information for assessments in courses they do not teach on (unless they have been granted tutor access to those Moodle courses).

Examples and case studies


Questions & Answers

Q. Why can't students see their grades and feedback in the MyFeedback report?

A. There are a number of reasons grades and feedback might not be showing in the MyFeedback report. The easiest way to check what should be seen in the report is to ask students what they see in the course Gradebook by clicking the Grades tab at the top of the Moodle course. The same grades should also display in MyFeedback. 

If the grades are not showing in the Gradebook, they will not show in MyFeedback either. There are several reasons why they may not be visible:

  • The Moodle course has been hidden from students.
  • The students are no longer enrolled on the course.
  • The ‘Show gradebook to students’ has been set to ‘No’ in the course settings, which means the course Gradebook is hidden from students and no grades or feedback will appear for this course in the MyFeedback report.
  • The grade item (or category it sits within) has been hidden manually, or until a certain date in the Gradebook. The Moodle course section where the assessment item is located has been hidden, or access has been restricted to particular students.
  • The assessment item (assignment, quiz etc.) has been hidden from students.
  • The grades have not yet been revealed to students (check the Turnitin Assignment post date; quiz review options; Moodle Assignment with marking workflow is set to 'released').

Note: Only those with edit access to the Moodle courses in question will be able to check why the grades aren't displaying. If you are a personal tutor and don't have access to the Moodle courses in question, please ask students to speak to their course tutor or teaching administrator.

Q. How do I as a course tutor enter feedback and grades that are visible in the report?

To make the most of MyFeedback, assessors need to use Moodle in ways that make the information visible within the report. 

A printable handout describes How to make feedback visible in the Moodle MyFeedback report (downloads as a pdf file).

Q. How can staff gain Departmental Administrator access to the report?

A. Please refer to the MyFeedback report for Departmental Administrators miniguide.

Further information

Also, see: 

MyFeedback Pilot

This tool was piloted from October 2015 by selected students in the Integrated Engineering Programme and the School of Management. All UCL students and staff gained access to the tool on 10th October 2016. The final planned update was released on the 13th December 2016.