M68 - GoReact - Video Assessment Tool

Licenced Product Warning

Please note the GoReact video assessment tool is licenced on a per student basis. If you wish to use this external tool, your department must purchase an official license via UCL ISD procurement. For information on how to obtain a licence, please send a request to Digital Education via email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk .

What is it?

GoReact is an external tool for feedback, grading, and critiquing of student video assignments. This video assessment software allows students to develop and demonstrate their skills online by individually or collaboratively creating video assignments and receiving personalised feedback.

Instructors create the video assignments. Students upload or record their video submissions. Instructors and/or peers then leave time-coded text, video, or audio feedback. Assignments can be graded using feedback, rubrics or points.

Why use it?

The GoReact video assessment tool allows tutors to easily capture videos of students for assessment of vital skills and to provide advanced feedback.

The tool is securely integrated with Moodle, so recording, viewing, and grading can happen anytime and anywhere.

Who can use it?

Course administrators and tutors can add GoReact assignment links to their Moodle course for students to use. These video assignments can also be assessed with grades carrying back into the Moodle gradebook.

Students can access GoReact assignments created in their Moodle courses and add videos to be graded.

Before I start...

Ensure that your department has a license, you have appropriate access to the Moodle course page and any videos or documents you make available to your students are correctly licensed. For a brief summary of copyright considerations please see the copyright teaching page .

Meeting the baseline

The UCL e-Learning baseline suggests the following for orientation :

  • 2.2 Explain participation requirements
    • Identify which activities are compulsory and optional.
    • Provide an indicator of effort (such as timings or page counts) for all compulsory tasks.

    • Explain how students are expected to use UCL and external e-learning tools. This PowerPoint Induction template provides a starting point. Wholly online courses might provide this information as a screen-cast video, with a voice over.
    • Link to instructions for any e-learning tools that students are expected to use.

 For student active participation it is suggested that:

  • 9.1 Students are encouraged and supported to work with learning resources
    Student should be encouraged to investigate, share or discuss through videos and simulations.

How do I set one up?

Adding GoReact as an external tool to your course:

  1. Navigate to your Moodle course and switch the toggle to 'edit on'.

  2. With the  edit mode  toggle on, choose the  + icon  to add items anywhere in a section. Simply click on the course page, in the section wherever you want to add your activity. This will open up the  activity chooser, allowing you to select your activity or resource. You can still add content from the bottom of any section, as you did in the previous version. To do so, click  add an activity or resource  to open the  activity chooser.
  3. Select External Tool from the list.

  4. In the Activity Name field, enter GoReact or a name of your choice.

  5. In the Tool URL field enter https://lti.goreact.eu/lti/v1  (after adding this you may see a warning message 'Tool configuration not found for this URL.' but this message will update once you have added the Consumer key and Shared secret below).

  6. Change the Launch Container to New Window (GoReact may be unable to access the camera and microphone if this is not checked).
  7. The Consumer Key and Shared Secret you enter are specific to your department's licensing of GoReact (if you department has a license, please contact your Faculty Learning Technologist to obtain your unique key).

  8. In the Secure Icon URL field, enter https://help.goreact.com/hc/en-us/article_attachments/360076494372/goreact.png (to use the GoReact icon and make the activity easier to identify in your Moodle course).

  9. Under Privacy make sure all all three options are ticked:

    1. share launcher's name with the tool.

    2. share launcher's email with the tool.

    3. Accept grades from the tool.

  10. Once you click 'Save and Display', the tool will be installed and the new GoReact activity will be created on your course page.

  11. Select the GoReact assignment type you wish to use for this assignment ( Standard , Stimulus , Comments Only ) or copy a previously created assignment and then click Next . Screenshot of create a new assignment options
  12. Define the assignment and marking criteria used and select the additional settings as needed.
  13. For more on GoReact assignment settings, please see the GoReact Help Materials.
  14. When you're finished setting up your assignment, click 'Done' and the new activity will be available to your students on your course page.
  15. Please see the step-by-step instructions that are available at Creating GoReact assignments in Moodle.

This images displays the title filed and the tool url to add GoReact as an external tool as a Moodle activity.


Be sure to review the GoReact tool settings to ensure you are happy with your video assignment. Most error messages can be resolved by editing the tool settings and ensuring that the assignment is set up correctly.

The following important points should be considered:

  1. Ensure you change the Launch Container from 'Default' to 'New Window' otherwise GoReact may be unable to access your camera and microphone to record videos.
  2. Ensure you select the correct course when creating your GoReact assignments. You could otherwise accidently use some of the restricted licenses for students.
  3. Only users enrolled into your Moodle course with the role of ‘Student’ will be synchronised to GoReact and have access to your video assignments.
  4. When setting up a new assignment, you may see a 'Students will pay $29.99' message (see image on the right-hand side), this doesn't apply to our licensing model and you can skip the message by selecting 'next'.


  • If students are seeing the error message "We're terribly sorry, but it looks like your instructor hasn't finished setting up GoReact for this assignment. Please let them know." Then the GoReact assignment was created in Moodle, but never opened by a tutor/administrator. Once you (the instructor) open the GoReact assignment and select the GoReact assignment type and any additional settings, then this error will be resolved. When you open the assignment in Moodle and see the GoReact dashboard, then you know that the assignment is set up correctly.
  • If you are seeing the error message "GoReact doesn't appear to be setup correctly. The referenced resource was either missing or malformed and could not be copied to this activity." Then, you most likely attempted to copy the assignment outside of GoReact. GoReact doesn't support external assignment copying. Instead, you will need to create a new assignment in Moodle, open it, and then use the "Copy a previous assignment" functionality within the GoReact tool.

Note for Chromebook users:

Due to the widely varying hardware and (often limited) system resources in Chromebooks, their performance with GoReact may or may not be acceptable. In our testing, newer, more robust Chromebooks generally work fine, while older or more limited Chromebooks will struggle or can fail outright. If your GoReact experience on a Chromebook isn't satisfactory, you'll most likely need to use a different device.

Screen Capture:

  • Screen capture doesn't work on mobile devices.
  • Screen capture is only supported in Chrome and Edge (not in Safari or Firefox).
  • The audio captured during the screen recording is from your microphone, not your computer audio.
  • Screen recordings are played back in standard definition, so  it is recommended that text be set to font size 14pt or higher  for best legibility.  Lower font sizes will not be legible.
  • On macOS 10.15+ (Catalina), to share your screen you must grant the browser access to the screen in macOS System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Screen Recording


GoReact is designed to comply with the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) version 2.1, levels A and AA. For more about WCAG 2.1 compliance, see: Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1.

The system works with native accessibility tools within Windows and Mac operating systems as well as the enhanced functions included in modern web browsers, including screen readers like JAWS®.

Additionally, GoReact uses the latest AI technology to accurately display real-time closed captions.

Examples & case studies

The GoReact website has examples and case studies for each video assignment type. Please see GoReact success stories page for examples on different video assignments you can use in your teaching.

Questions & answers

For frequently asked questions, please check the GoReact documentation FAQs available.

Further information

This guide was partly adapted from the GoReact Help Materials , which contains full details and training videos about the GoReact video assessment tool.