M09b4 - Mark 'nothing' with Turnitin

You now have the ability to mark a submission inbox where the students haven’t submitted a document. You might want to do this if you want to use the Turnitin grading functionality, rubrics, Quickmarks etc. on student work that can’t be submitted electronically. Examples might be vocal work e.g. a viva, a mock interview, a presentation, or physical work e.g. architectural models, artwork, engineering models etc. You could make notes and transfer them to the Turnitin assignment later, or you could have a computer/tablet with you and mark directly into Turnitin.

Set up a Turnitin assignment as normal. Do not set it to be anonymous because you need to be able to see which student you are entering marks for.

You can create Quickmarks, Rubrics or Grading forms as you would for any other Turnitin assignment.

You don’t need to worry about Start and Due dates, as long as these tie in with your marking schedule. Be aware that once the Post date passes the marks will be made available to the students. Because students don’t need to submit anything to the submission inbox, you could hide the assignment until you were ready to release the grades.

  1. To give a mark to a student, click on the grey pencil by their name under the Grade column.


2. If this is the first time you have done this you will see a pop-up message explaining what is about to happen.

3. Once you have clicked the pencil (and OK’d the pop-up) the inbox will refresh and you will see some new details alongside the students name. The submission title will be ‘Grading Template’ – Turnitin have automatically submitted an empty paper for you to grade against. The submitted column will show the time when you clicked on the grey pencil.

4. The Grade column will show  ‘--/100’ and a blue pencil icon. To grade the submission, click on the blue pencil icon.