Reflect - Educational Blogging Policy

This page gathers together applicable policies for staff and students using the Reflect Educational Blogging service. Many of these are general UCL Policy regarding using of Information Services, but please read these careful before you use the system. 

All UCL Reflect users must abide by the UCL computing regulations:

All UCL Reflect users are expected to read and abide by the UCL Information Security and related policies found here: 

Users are also advised to read the UCL Guidelines for Social Media usage available here:

Privacy policy

Please make yourself aware of Reflect's Privacy policy, available here: Reflect Privacy Policy

Please note that use of this service is covered by UCL's privacy policies, to be found below:



Please note that the platform is provided by CampusPress, and that the following privacy notice applies in addition to the above, when using the platform:

Abusive material

All UCL Reflect users are expected to read and abide by the UCL Acceptable Use Policy which can be found here: 

Any offensive material that appears on the Reflect service can be escalated by following the process outlined in the Information Security Policy: Guideline 6 - E-learning Communication Tools - this is copied below for convenience:

"If you object to any messages or postings, notify the course tutor* by e-mail, sending a copy of the message to immediately. Please provide:

  • Name of the course (and module code if possible)
  • Name of the discussion forum or location of the material
  • Title, author and date of the message or material

Objections will be considered and the materials will be removed as necessary. Note: It may not be possible to remove offensive material immediately."

*If this is a personal blog, it is suggested that the blog owner be contacted, still following the same process listed above. 


Please refer to the appropriate section in the UCL Acceptable Use Policy which can be found here: 

Further details for students can be found here:


The information contained in UCL Reflect is subject to change and may have been posted by staff, students and those associated with UCL acting entirely in a personal capacity. UCL takes no responsibility for the consequences of error or for any loss or damage suffered by users of any of the information published on any of these pages, and such information does not form any basis of a contract with readers or users of it.

See for further information.

Cookie Policy 

Please be aware of UCL's cookie Policy:

Below you can find a list of cookies used on UCL Reflect by default, though note that if you or the owner of a blog has installed additional plugins or widgets these may differ.












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