M72 - LinkedIn Learning LTI - course and video embedding

What is it?

LinkedIn Learning is now available as an LTI activity in UCL Moodle. This is used to embed content and courses from LinkedIn Learning directly into the Moodle environment. 

Why use it?


  • Seamless access to LinkedIn Learning for students and staff

  • Engaging user experiences for students and instructors

  • Gradable content

  • Content easily integrated into Moodle courses

Who can use it?

Course administrators and tutors will be able to configure and setup the tool for use for any course users.

How do I set one up?

Adding a LinkedIn activity

  1. Go to your Moodle course and use the toggle switch to turn Edit mode on  
  2. Within the topic where you wish to add the activity click the Add an activity or resource button.
  3. From the  pop-up, select the LinkedinLearning activity.

Configuring and selecting content

  1. You will now find yourself on the Adding a new External tool page.
  2. Under the General drop-down give your activity a name.
  3. Click the Select content button to go to the Linkedin Learning Deep Linking Experience page

  4. You can search, add, and remove courses/videos. When done, click the Confirm button at the bottom.

  5. The Deep Linking experience will close, and take you back to the activity with the newly added content. Review the activity fields, and click Save and return to course.
  6. Your Linkedin Learning content will now appear in the topic as a External tool with the title you gave it. When you click on the link you will be taken to the content as shown below.

Common Issues & Troubleshooting Tips

  • Issue: If when launching the LTI Advantage Tool, you receive an “Things Aren’t Loading” error

Error Message - Things aren't loading

The issue has to do with being logged into LinkedIn Learning or having an already active Learning session in another tab and/ or browser.

  • Fix 1: Try logging out of LinkedIn Learning in any tabs or browsers it is currently active in.

  • Fix 2: Try clearing your cache and cookies or launching the LTI Advantage Tool in a private/ incognito browser window.

Further information