Used for:

Generating variable metadata from datasets


In development


Software to replace the unsupported SledgHammer software. 

Project to gather issues for extending Cornell DDI-CodeBook Writer

This project will extend / create a new code line based on https://github.com/ncrncornell/ced2arddigenerator and https://github.com/ncrncornell/ced2ardata2ddi

It will use the underlying supporting libraries:

https://github.com/ncrncornell/ced2ar-stata-reader and https://github.com/ncrncornell/ced2arspssreader

Please use Issues to flag functionality required

A version of the code, that has been given a bit of TLC is at https://github.com/daxplore/spssreader

The original code is no longer at: http://opendatafoundation.org/?lvl1=forge