Used for:

Documenting questionnaire metadata in DDI Lifecycle 3.2


Open source

Copyright2018 CLOSER
Language(s)Ruby, CoffeeScript

Archivist is a free and open source questionnaire editor, which utilises a graphical user interface to document questionnaires or other collection instruments. The primary output format from Archivist is DDI-Lifecycle using the questionnaire profile. Archivist is released under the Open Archive License.

Archivist designed by Will Poynter is a follow on piece of software from CADDIES (CLS Abridged DDI Editor for Surveys), designed and developed by Claude Gierl. CADDIES became no longer supported in March 2016, while Archivist was in the early development stage. Archivist's underlying architecture is derived from CADDIES, but with several significant changes. Design started in December 2015, with active development starting at the beginning of 2016. The first production release was July 2016. Please see the Archivist GitHub page for more information.