Lecturecast student engagement tools

Student engagement tools

When viewing content within the Lecturecast system, students are presented with a variety of engagement tools. These include:

*refer to numbering in diagram below:

  1. Notes and study guide
  2. Discussion
  3. Question
  4. Bookmark
  5. Confusion flag

Engagement tools

Notes and study guide

Students can type notes alongside the timed location of the slide or video that they are viewing. Notes are personal to the student and students can download these at anytime.

Discussions and Questions

To get students to engage with the content they are viewing, the discussion area can be used to ask targeted question, students can also start discussion threads. Discussion questions posted by either staff or students can be voted on (thumbs up) highlighting to the tutor what questions the majority of students would like answered. Students can also bookmark a question or response so that it shows up in their Study Guide.

Lecturecast discussion

Bookmarking and Flagging

Bookmarks allow students to identify/highlight material they want to return to later. Bookmarks appear in the student Study Guide, and include a viewing panel for the slide or video location that has been bookmarked. Student's can choose to bookmark a a slide (within a presentation ) or a scene (from a recording).

Confusion flags

Confusion Flags allow students to identify classroom material that they find confusing or for which they need more explanation. Tutors are able to see which slides or scenes within the presentation the student has flagged and can either address them immediately in a live session or later when reviewing data regarding the session.