Lecturecast Engagement Tools FAQs

 How do I post a question or view a class discussion?

While viewing the class video or presentation, click the New Question icon to open the Questions panel with the new question entry box open and ready for input.

You can reference the class content or not, and you can post anonymously if you want (note, however, that Instructors can always see who posted; other students will simply see "Anonymous").

Lecturecast new question

  How do I respond to a question?

Click the Discussions icon, then click the question or post you want to respond to.

The Discussions panel changes to showing only that post and any existing responses. Click Respond to this Question to open a text box for your response.

Lecturecast discussion

 How do I add an activity slide?

Interactive activity slides or polling questions can be used to engage students and encourage participation as well as check their understanding of particular concepts. 

For guidance of creating activity slides, please see the guide: Lecturecast:creating activity/ interactive slides.

  What kind of activity slides can I add to my presentation? 

There are five types of Polling questions (also referred to as Activity slides) to choose from: Multiple choiceShort answerImage quizOrdered list, and Numerical.

 Is there any guidance for students on using the Engagement tools?

Yes, guidance for students is available on the student wiki- Lecturecast - Student Guide Learning the Basics.