Remove a Lecturecast Link from a Moodle Course

This task is typically performed by Moodle Course Administrators and Tutors.


This task describes the steps required to unlink a Lecturecast section from a Moodle course.

It involves:

1. Unlinking the Lecturecast section from the Moodle course
2. Deleting the activity from the Moodle course

1. Unlink the Lecturecast section

1.1 Turn Editing On

Click the 'Turn editing on' button from within the relevant Moodle course.

1.2 Access the Lecturecast section

Click the activity hyperlink to the Lecturecast section you wish to unlink.

1.3 Unlink the course

Click the 'UNLINK LMS COURSE' button.

1.4 Continue to unlink the course

Select 'OK' to continue to unlink the course.

1.5 A confirmation is displayed

1.6 Return to the course overview screen

Click the course link to return to the overview screen.

2. Delete the activity

2.1 Delete the activity from the Moodle course

Select the 'Edit' option for the activity.

It is good practice to remove the activity after the section has been unlinked from the Moodle course however, you can
reuse an activity to link to another Lecturecast section, if required. Unlinking and removing activities on Moodle does not
delete or change the content on the Lecturecast system.

2.2 Delete the activity

Select 'Delete'.

2.3 Confirm the deletion

Click 'Yes' to confirm the deletion.

The activity has been deleted