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What can a External Examiner do on AssessmentUCL?

The AssessmentUCL platform is UCL's branding of the WISEflow platform.  Guidance and documentation will refer to WISEflow as AssessmentUCL.

External Examiners are typically given the reviewer role on AssessmentUCL. 

External Examiners can:

  • Login using their UCL credentials.

  • View the marking of all markers (including grade, annotations, summary comments, rubric or marking forms).

  • Add a comment.

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Opening an assessment on AssessmentUCL

  1. Login to UCL AssessmentUCL ( https://europe.wiseflow.net/login/uk/ucl ).

  2. Click on eduGAIN and make sure you are logging into the LIVE environment.



  1. You will be taken to the UCL single sign-on page, please enter your UCL username and password.

  2. You will arrive on the AssessmentUCL dashboard. Click the Reviewer tab (Note. you may have access to more than one roles) 

  1. You should arrive on the Reviewer page (Flow Overview).

On this page, you can see a list of all the activated assessments to which you have been added as a reviewer, and you can quickly get an overview of the assessment titles, subtitles and assessment deadlines. The list can be sorted for each column in alphabetical order or by newest/oldest. You can also find specific flows by using the search bar in one of the columns.

From the overview, you can access an active flow by clicking its Open button. You can also access the Archive which contains all of the previous assessments you have been assigned to as a reviewer.

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When you open an assessment in AssessmentUCL as a reviewer you will be taken to the reviewer page.


The main options on this page are:

  1. See the assignment and additional material for assessors.

  2. See the start and end dates of the participation and marking periods.

  3. Click to see a list of flow managers.

  4. This shows which procedure for the submission of grades is used on the flow.

  5. Filters the list by assessors.

  6. This shows the percentage value of the similarity analysis; you can click on the figure to open the detailed similarity report.

  7. Here you can either open the paper in the assessor tool or go directly to the summary for the participant.

  8. This column shows the grades given by the assessors assigned to the participant.

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Accessing a specific paper

To identify a paper to review, the External Examiner can:

  1. sort Submitted grades from highest to lowest by clicking the Submitted column heading, and/or

  2. search by candidate number or submitted grade by typing in the search field.

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Deadline for reviewing assessment

Marking, moderation and reviewing marks must take place before the end of the marking period for the assessment. The marking period is set by the manager and can be extended.  

When the marking period ends, marking cannot be changed on AssessmentUCL. If changes are required, the Manager must re-open the marking period.

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Turnitin similarity checking

Turnitin reports are available for all assignments submitted using FLOWassign. 

Turnitin reports can be accessed from the reviewer page or the marking tool which a reviewer can also access. Simply click on the percentage score to open the report.

Reviewer page example:

For guidance on interpreting Turnitin's report, please see Turnitin's help guides.

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Viewing marking, comments and annotations

From the reviewer page, click the summary icon to see a copy of the submission with all the marker's comments and annotations.

The summary report shows all the comments made by markers, and moderators on the student's submission. Please note:

  • Summary comments will appear at the top of the page.

  • Annotations will appear down the side of the submission. 

  • If an annotation overlaps or can't be completely read, click on it to expand it. 

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Adding a comment

Please note that External Examiners can add a comment to an assessment, but this is not a UCL wide requirement. If in doubt, please refer to the Academic Manual, and/or department procedures.

To add a comment to a submission.

  1. Open the submission in the marking tool.

  1. Click the Current participant menu.

  2. Click Add comment.

  1. You will then be presented with an option to add a comment, or upload a file.


  1. Once added, the comment can be accessed and edited, by opening the Current participant menu (as in step 2 above).

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Why can't I review?

You may not have been assigned to the assessment on AssessmentUCL, or you may not be assigned to the correct submissions within an assessment. 

Please contact Digital Education at examinations@ucl.ac.uk

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Need to speak to someone or having issues?

If you can't find the answer to your question in the guidance above, please raise a query via the staff support page.

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