FLOWmulti Blueprint

A FLOWmulti exam is an interactive online exam that can consist of a range of questions types such as multiple-choice, drag-and-drop, and essay questions. Please view this video (04:12-05:25) for an overview of FLOWmulti.

Blueprint: Automatically marked exams (i.e. MCQ)


Before you get started

Suitability of assessment and marking processes

FLOWmulti is suitable for:

FLOWmulti is not suitable for:

FLOWmulti is suitable for:

FLOWmulti is not suitable for:

Automatic marking of questions (users can follow this blueprint to successfully set up and manage this assessment type)

Essay questions that require Turnitin Similarity (not available currently)

Single manual marking (entire submission)

Mixing automatically-scored questions with essay questions - presents challenges with marker allocation

Second check marking (no mark given by 2nd marker but reviewing entire submission or per question)

Double marking per question / Section-based marking involving two markers

(double marking is only suitable if both markers mark entire submission)


  • Flow = an assessment instance which can be configured to support different assessment types. For example, an MCQ exam is authored, managed and marked as a flow type called FLOWmulti.

  • Author = a WISEflow role that allows you to create an assignment and attach a final version to a flow

  • Assignment = an exam paper (in editable form).

  • Item = a digital page within an assignment (usually containing one or more questions)

  • Question = an exam question (created within an item). There are several question types available, such as multiple-choice, written, file upload etc (more info here)

  • Flow Version = a non-editable, final version of an assignment (to be added to a flow in readiness for students to complete).

  • Associated flows = a list of flows on which you are an Author - this is where you add the final version of an assignment to the relevant flow.