Student (Participant)


This is a guide for staff about the student experience of completing an assessment on AssessmentUCL. By becoming familiar with the student perspective, staff will be able to write clear guidance and provide more effective support to students.

For guidance that you can share directly with students, please see the AssessmentUCL Student Guide.


How students submit

There are several ways to get familiar with how students submit on AssessmentUCL

There are several demonstration flows available on AssessmentUCL. To access them:

  1. log on and click on the participants tab,

  2. scroll to the bottom of the page, and

  3. click Demo flows


Example of the demo flows available to all staff and students:

Digital Education recommends you try the FLOWassign demo, and the FLOWmulti - Advanced demo.

For the FLOWassign demo, you can:

  • Download the example paper. This would typically have all the instructions required for students.

  • See the general materials and additional materials section a student has access to. The manager of a flow can attach resources here for students.

  • Upload a submission of your choice, complete the cover sheet and click handin. This is how a student submits.

  • Withdraw the submission if you want to submit again. The manager can enable or disable this feature.


For the FLOWmulti demo, you can complete an interactive exam. Please note:

  • There are various questions types, not all of which are provided in the demo.

  • Where a question requires a written response, which text editor options appear to students can be configured.

  • On the right hand side there is a panel of tools available to students to assist them in taking the exam e.g. sticky notes, accessibility settings.

  • For questions that are not automatically marked, students can access an appendix to provide supplementary materials e.g. drawings, file upload, code etc.

  • An assessment timer appears in the top right, underneath a hand in button to submit the exam.

Example of the options available in a FLOWmulti:

The FLOWmulti and FLOWlock exams can be tried but please note you must download the locked down browser. You can do this as follows:

  1. Click on your name at the top of AssessmentUCL

  2. Select Edit profile.

  3. On the Profile Settings page, click the System requirements tab.

  4. Under FLOWlock Requirements click Download.

As you author your questions on WISEflow, you can preview them to see how they would appear to students. Simply:

  1. Click the preview icon

  2. Select Preview as a participant


How students receive feedback

To learn more about how students recieved feedback please see the options below.

The manager determines if the assessment mark is released to students when creating the assessment or flow. For centrally managed exams, feedback will typically be turned off. This setting is located on the manager's page of a flow: Assessment and review/Manage settings/Show final assessment.

  • If you do NOT set the flow to ‘show final assessment’, the students will never see the mark, but they will see the feedback if shared by the assessors.

  • If you set the flow to ‘show final assessment’, the students can see both mark and feedback shared on AssessmentUCL

  • If you set the flow to ‘show final assessment’ and add a publication date, the students cannot see either the feedback or the mark before the set date. [this could be set to a date AFTER Portico release of marks]

The visibility of feedback e.g. annotations, rubrics, summary comments is determined by the marker and whether they choose to make one or all annotations:

  1. Private - only visible to the marker and moderators (reviewers)

  2. Shared with Co-assessor - shared with all markers

  3. Shared with participant - shared with students

  4. Shared with specific user - e.g. a specific marker.

Feedback is released automatically when:

  1. marking is complete, i.e. a reconciled mark or "final assessment" has been submitted. The Manager can turn off this requirement in the case of formative marking by going Assessment and review/Manage settings and setting Submission of assessment to off. Please note this will delete any marks entered by the markers.  

  2. the assessment period ends, OR alternatively the manager can set a specific publication date.

Students can view their feedback on AssessmentUCL, or download their submission with annotations. The student's display of feedback is identical to the summary display that a marker or moderator can see.

Example of assessment page after the 'final assessment' mark has been released along with feedback:

For FLOWmulti exams, students will be able to see a break down of the points they received.

Example of a FLOWmulti feedback:

Example where final assessment is not shown. Feedback shared to students is visible:

Example of Summary comment and rubric shared with student:

Students can view summary comments and rubric feedback at the top of the summary. They can print out feedback by clicking the Annotation view button.

Example of annotations shared with student:

In the below example, the manager has chosen to anonymise the markers, and so the marker's name is replaced with Internal assessor 1, 2, 3 etc.


In a FLOWassign, markers can enter points for each annotation they add (see image below).

The ability to record points is to assist the marker in tallying up points to come to a final grading decision. The total of all the annotation points will appear at the top of the submission as shown below.

Student do NOT see these points, only the feedback comment.