M55 - H5P Interactive Activities

Important notice

The UCL Digital Accessibility Team are currently recommending that staff avoid the use of H5P due to the limited accessibility of H5P activities and a lack of action plan for improvement. 

What is it?

H5P is a plugin that allows for the creation of interactive content like Presentations, Games, Quizzes and more directly within Moodle.

Why use it?

H5P is a good alternative to Flash-based and SCORM-based content, which makes the process of both creating and maintaining rich, interactive content much quicker and easier. This is especially important as support for Flash is coming to end and web content which relies on this technology will no longer work.

Who can use it?

H5P Interactive Activities can be made within Moodle by anyone who is enrolled as a Course Administrator, Leader or Tutor on a course. The created activity can then be viewed by anyone who has access to the course page, unless restrictions are added to control who can access it.

What are the different activity types I can add using H5P?

  • AR Scavenger - Create augmented reality experiences
  • Accordion - Create vertically stacked expandable items
  • Agamotto (Image Blender) - Present a sequence of images and explanations
  • Arithmetic Quiz - Create time-based arithmetic quizzes
  • Branching Scenario - Create dilemmas and self-paced learning scenarios (similar to Moodle Lesson)
  • Chart - Quickly generate bar and pie charts
  • Collage - Create a collage of multiple images
  • Column - Organise H5P content into a column layout
  • Cornell Notes - Take notes using the Cornell system
  • Course Presentation - Create a presentation with interactive slides
  • Dialog Cards - Create text-based turning cards
  • Dictation - Create a dictation with instant feedback
  • Documentation Tool - Create a form wizard with text export
  • Drag and Drop - Create drag and drop tasks with images
  • Drag the Words - Create text-based drag and drop tasks
  • Essay - Create Essays with instant feedback
  • Fill in the Blanks - Create a task with missing words in a text
  • Find Multiple Hotspots - Create many hotspots for users to find
  • Find the Hotspot - Create image hotspots for users to find
  • Find the Words - Create a grid-based word search game 
  • Flashcards - Create stylish and modern flashcards
  • Guess the Answer - Create an image with a question and answer
  • Image Hotspots - Create an image with multiple info hotspots
  • Image Juxtaposition - Create interactive images
  • Image Pairing - Drag and drop image matching game
  • Image Sequencing - Place images in the correct order
  • Image Slider - Easily create an image slider
  • Interactive Book - Create small courses, books and tests
  • Interactive Video - Create videos enriched with interactions
  • KewAR Code - Create QR codes for different purposes
  • Mark the Words - Create a task where users highlight words
  • Memory Game - Create the classic image pairing game or use it as a flashcard race against the clock
  • Multiple Choice - Create flexible multiple choice questions
  • Personality Quiz - Create a series of multiple choice questions where each answer option corresponds to a predefined category (personality)
  • Quiz (Question Set) - Create a sequence of various question types
  • Single Choice Set - Create questions with one correct answer
  • Summary - Create tasks with a list of statements
  • Timeline - Create a timeline of events with multimedia
  • True/False Question - Create True/False questions
  • Virtual Tour (360) - Create interactive environments using images, audio and navigation between scenes

Why are some activities not available?

Some activities within the H5P plugin have been disabled to avoid large media files being uploaded or because the activity is not related to teaching and learning at UCL. To see a list of activities which have been turned off, please see H5P activities held.

If you believe a particular activity should be enabled and would benefit your teaching please contact the Digital Education team.

How do I use H5P within Moodle?

  1. To use H5P within your Moodle course, switch Edit mode on, locate an appropriate section, click Add an activity or resource, then select Interactive Content (H5P).
  2. Enter a Description (which you can display if you wish).
  3. Within the Editor, select the H5P activity type you'd like to use and create your interactive activity.
  4. If required, select Restrict access and set up any required activity restrictions.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save and display.


H5P activities within Moodle don't store any data in the Gradebook so you won't be able to use them for summative assessment. However, you could add your own Grade Item by going to Grades > Gradebook setup and then manually entering a grade.


The UCL Ear Institute created a series of H5P interactive videos to better prepare students before practical sessions.

The H5P website has information and examples for each activity type. Please see this web page for examples on different activities you can use in your teaching.

Questions & Answers

None at this time.

Further Information

If you'd like to know more about each H5P activity type and see examples of how they can be used, please visit this page on the H5P website.