M70 - Labster (LTI 1.3) - licensed users only


Licensed Product Warning

Please note that Labster is licensed on a per student basis.
If you wish to use to use this software your department must purchase an official license via UCL ISD procurement. For information and contact details please send a request to Digital Education via email digi-ed@ucl.ac.uk or contact  Ioannis Papaioannou.

What is it?

Labster provides learners with a realistic virtual lab simulation before they run any physical experiments. That means students can make mistakes and repeat their experiments as many times as they need without any real-life consequences.

Who can use it?

Lt licensed course administrators and tutors can add Labster external resources as activities o their Moodle course.

Further information  

Detailed guidance is available via the Labster tool page in Moodle - please contact  Ioannis Papaioannou for more details or access.