M04d - Structured label

Keywords: course format, structure, topics, tabs, tabbed, drop-down sections, one, single, label, visual, chunk content.

What is it?

Structured Label gives teachers a simple form to fill in which then renders content and an image consistently allowing course pages to be broken up with attractive headings.

Why use it?

The structured label plugin is designed to allow teachers to add attractive content blocks to break up their pages without needing to understand HTML. When adding a structured label tutors are asked to add:

  • Title
  • Content / label
  • Image
  • Links with Font Awesome icon picker (optional)

The plugin can be configured by an administrator to define:

  • Image size
  • Pre-formatted styles for websites (for URLs added)

Images are then automatically cropped to a consistent size and any URLs added are formatted into pill / tag like resources.

Who can use it?

  • Tutors
  • Course Administrators

Meeting the baseline

The  UCL Connected Learning Baseline  suggests the following for  Structure : 

  • 1.1 Present activities and resources in a meaningful, clearly structured and sequenced way

How do I set one up?

  1. Log into Moodle, got to the course you want to add the structured label to and turn edit mode on.
  2. Decide where you wish to add the 'Structured label', then click the +plus symbol (or select 'Add an activity or resource'.)
  3. From the menu select Structured Label
  4. Enter the title, content of the label and image you want to appear in the structured label. Make sure to choose the appropriate heading styles for headings (large, medium, small) and avoiding capitalised and italicised text, which are difficult to read on screen.

    Optional: if you want to add tab links to supporting resources, add the details (URL, name (as displayed in the tab on screen) and icon (optional). You may enter more than 3 by clicking ‘add 3 more resources’.

  5. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and click Save and return to course and you will see your structured label in the course section.


There is a known issue with editing larger numbers of labels:
By default, there are 3 "supporting resources" shown when editing structured label. To add more than 3, use the "add 3 more resources" link.

After saving, when you want to re-edit the label, you will only see 3 resources added earlier. Other resources are not shown. You need to click "add 3 more resources" so the other resources are shown. Remember to always “add 3 more resources” as many times as needed before editing any other aspect of the object.


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Examples and case studies

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Further information

The Plugin is developed and maintained by Jez HManoj SolankiKevin Moore.

This guide was adapted from the plugin description, which provides additional examples for the structured label in screenshots. Accessed on the 03 July 2023.